About Us

Who We Are

Dongying Kelin Machinery Technology Co.Ltd, leveraging on investment casting, CNC Machining &.Stainless Steel polishing processes, is a technological international trade enterprise that specializes in the R&D, Manufacturing and sales of various precision machinery component, investment castings, hardware fitting, industrial fittings and automatic control valve.

Our components and product applications are involved in Flow Control, Agriculture Machinery building, Oil&Gas Equipments,Fuel retailing Equipments,Food Processing Equipments, Architectural Applications,yacht building, Marine Applications, industrial and Commercial Door Control, Water Processing  Equipments&Mining Equipments Etc.

The silica sol investment casting, CNC Machining and Stainless-Steel surface polishing production processes utilized by Dongying Kelin Machinery Technology are applicable to the OEM manufacturing of various cast steel machinery components&fittings.

As an enterprise Centered on Market & Customer-Orientation , Kelin Machinery Technology will continuously captalize on ourproduct R&D, stable quality, punctual delivery time and competitive cost so as to deliver quality products and services as well as to create market value for our customers. We look forward to furthering cooperation with our current and potential customers and to realizing a Win-win relationship in the marketplace.