CNC Machining

Machining Capability

Kelin Machinery Technology performs a range of machining services on investment castings and work materials in ready-to-machine forms like metal bars,blocks and tubes.

● CNC Lathe Turning(including vertical turning)

● CNC 3&4 Axises Milling and Drilling

● General Drilling

CNC Lathe Turning
CNC Lathe Turning
CNC Lathe Turning
CNC Lathe Turning
CNC Vertical Turning Machining Center
CNC 4-Axis Machining Centers
CNC 3-Axis Machining Centers
General Drilling
CMM Machining Inspection
Machining Inspection On Inspection Deck
Critical Machined Position Protection

Workpiece Size

● Lathe Turning(Diameter×Length) : φ500mm× L500mm

● Vertical Lathe Turning : Machining center(Length ×Width×Height) : L1000mm x W800mm x H500mm

Workpiece Material

● Ferrous Alloy: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, low alloy steel,medium alloy steel

● Non Ferrous Alloy: Copper alloy, Aluminum alloy, Nickel-based alloy, Cobalt-based alloy Upon Inquiry and only available

for ready-to-machine like bars and blocks.