Silica Sol Lost Wax Investment Casting

Key Process Facts

▶  Casting Tolerance According to ISO8062 DCTG 4-6

▶  Wide Range of Cast Ferrous Steel Selection  According  to EN、DIN、BS、AISI、ASTM、JIS standards

▶  Raw Casting Surface Roughness Ra 3.2-Ra6.3

▶  Minimum Wall Thickness 3-5mm

▶  Casting Process design based Casting Simulation and Workpiece Casting Optimization(Eg: Redesign your formerly Welded Part into an integral casting part)

▶  Unit Casting Weight between 5 grams and 60 kgs

▶  Maximum Casting Piece Size 600mm*600mm*500mm

▶  Complex lnner Contour realization by Ceramic Core,Water Solubale Core And Corresponding Compatible Tooling Design.

▶  The quality management of the Production Site is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and the production site possesses the certification of 2014/68/EU Directive for Pressure Vessels(Formerly known as the CE/PED)

casting Simulation-Simulation of the progressive
Solidification of A Pump Housing

Investment Casting Production Site

Customer tooling Assets Management
Tooling Asset Management
Wax Injection
Semi-Automatic Wax Injection Machines For Small to Medium Sized Parts
Digitized Wax Injection Machine For Small Medium & Large Parts With Automatic Wax System
Wax Assembly
Finished Wax Parts Floor
Shell-Making Sand Coating
Shell-Making Drying
Shell Firing
Sprue Cutting